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e-INFRA CZ OpenStack cloud site based in Ostrava.

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Cloud Overview

What is e-INFRA CZ Cloud?

e-INFRA CZ Cloud offers a flexible computing and storage environment suitable for a wide variety of applications. These include, but are not limited to, web-based services and portals, container hosts, HPC worker nodes, CI/CD worker nodes, database hosts, and numerous complex scientific use cases.

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e-INFRA CZ Cloud Partners

e-INFRA CZ Cloud

The e-INFRA CZ Cloud is operated by MetaCentrum, CESNET department responsible for coordination of computing services, on behalf of e-INFRA CZ. Partners involved in the development of the e-INFRA CZ Cloud, providing computing resources and using the cloud service:

  • IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center,
  • Institute of Computer Science of Masaryk University
  • and other partners representing national and international user communities

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OpenStack Access

Accessing e-INFRA CZ Cloud

e-INFRA CZ Cloud is accessible to

  • all users of the Czech e-infrastructure for science, development, and education,
  • selected national and international user communities.

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Quality assurance

We are happy to announce that the e-INFRA CZ Cloud passed penetration tests. Tests were conducted in September 2023 by CESNET Forensic Laboratory.

Other e-INFRA CZ Cloud Computing Services

  • G1 OpenStack site in Brno

    Another e-INFRA CZ OpenStack cloud site located in Brno. Use multi-cloud deployments to ensure reliability and availability of your deployed application.

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  • Container cloud

    Simplify your infrastructure with container platform service. Streamline deployment, scaling and management of your research applications with Kubernetes.

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